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Gamepad or Joystick Support for Doom 3

I have finally found a fantastic program that would enable gamepad or joystick support for Doom 3.  It's called "JoyToKey".  This program assigns the controls or "buttons" from the game controller to whatever keys you assign to on the keyboard (or the mouse).  Although, I have not assign "buttons" from the game controller (gamepad or joystick) on the mouse since I use the mouse "as is" for precision.  In other words, I use the "gamepad+mouse" combo instead of the "usual keyboard+mouse" like most players use.  Oh by the way, the program is located here: 

I have used a "Microsoft SideWinder Game Pad USB" for Doom 3 as you can see the setup below:


The picture above is actually the "Properties" shown in the Game Controllers under Control Panel.  You would want to know what button does what to configure "JoyToKey".  "JoyToKey" has the same assignments for each button as in the "Properties".  For example, the red circle one from "Properties" is the same as button one in "JoyToKey"; the red circle two is the same as button two; and so fore.  

Following the instructions, I create a new configuration file called "Doom3" which is illustrated below:


Easiest way for me to remember, the SideWinder Game Pad has imprinted "letters" on the buttons so I assigned those buttons to those letters in "JoyToKey".  For example, the SideWinder has three lower buttons as "A", "B", and "C" while the top three buttons are "X", "Y", and "Z" which are located on the right side of the game pad.  So I assigned those "as is" in "JoyToKey" (see above).  I have also assigned "L" and "R" for the strafe left and strafe right buttons located below the north side of the SideWinder.  The bottom button (Button 10) is assigned to "F" for flashlight in Doom 3.    

By now, you should have a clear vision of what my Doom 3 gamepad setup would be (Customizing the Controls):  "A" (attack), "B" (crouch), "C" (look down), "Y" (jump), "Z" (look up), "F" (flashlight), "L" (move left), "R" (move right), and of course, D-pad is assigned to the "arrow keys".  See below for more details:



***IMPORTANT.  What IS important is that you leave this program opened when you play Doom3.  This was something I overlooked when trying to figure this program out---DO NOT TAKE OR COPY THIS CONFIGURATION TO ANOTHER FOLDER (LIKE IN THE DOOM BASE FOLDER)--IT DOES NOT WORK! 
    I suggest to "minimize" the program before playing DOOM 3 (or other games!!) which will present a small "joystick" icon like the one on the lower right (see example below):



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