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"SKYSCRAPER" for Quake 2 and Soldier of Fortune 2

SKYSCRAPER for Quake 2

The house of hell...

You get to meet John!

Underground passage.....

Encounter some bad ass foes....


A house floats in mid-air with a surrounding force field whereas no
soldier can go in or get out.  A new disciple of the Stroggos has taken
refugee in this house.  He is possessed by the enemy, the Stroggos.  He would
not give the "head" until his demands are made...
The Special Task Force (STF) comes in to clear things up....  

*The Story after "GOT MILK?"*

Carmack:  "Hello..."
You:  <Joking>  "You look 'terrible'..."
Carmack:  <Laughs>  "Thanks...   I feel terrible..  <laughs>  I like to thank
          you for achieving my head..."
You:  "No problem.  Luckily, we have achieved the Stogg's technology to
      reattach it."
Carmack:  "How was it?"
You:  <Joking>  "It was like watching a bad Star Trek episode, 'Spock's
<Both Laughs>
Carmack:  "Did you get the CD?"
You:  "CD?"
Carmack:  "That's what they were after.  Apparently, they don't want me to
          make that DOOM game.. since I kind've knew their secret weapon."
You:  "Were you possessed?"
Carmack:  <Sigh>  "Possibly.  They accidently incorporated their plans into
          my mind."
You:  "Where is it?"
Carmack:  "Must be at the convention."
Carmack:  "Yes."
You:  "It's well guarded and condemned."
Carmack:  "Take the secret passage underneath the stairs.  It used to be a
          historical underground railroad for the slaves during the Civil
          War.  This would lead you to the SKYSCRAPER.  And by all means,
          get that CD."
You:  "I will..."


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SKYSCRAPER for Soldier of Fortune 2

The beginning....

The Skywalk....

The Escalators.....

Down the stairs...... He's dead, Jim!

Close to the end.....

Mission Brief :  September 11th has called for a temporary  rehire of "soldier of fortune"....
     You're John Mullins, a retired veteran, who has been hired again to eliminate the next terrorists' plans for attack.  Resources said that their plans are to attack a skyscraper (again).  This time around, they have decided to use the skyscraper as a "testing ground" for their new biological weapon.  Resources also have been informed that they have a training session being held there at the skyscraper.  Their goal, as well, is to eliminate any "soldier of fortune" whose attempt is to stop them.  They had already murdered your partner, Madeline Taylor, for a "price tag"....  The sources verified that their primary target now IS John Mullins.  Since it's your life they want, so why not "hire" the best to get the "job" done right?
     Besides eliminating the terrorists, two objectives must be met.  One is to stop the leader named "Wilson" who is responsible for promoting the weapon.  "Wilson" is one of the triplets who are brothers and can be identified by their dyed blonde hair...  The other objective is to get the suitcase that holds the evidence of this weapon...  Once these objectives have been achieved, a helicopter would eventually pick you up safely at the helipad.....
     To get to the skyscraper, you must start at the beginning where the suppliers start which is the house in the countryside......

       To achieve successful for this game, the player must search everywhere for the keys which unlock some slight "puzzles"...  Be aware that there are two types of keys.  Red keys usually open regular doors and elevator doors.  Brown keys however open chest and even air vents.....

     Good Luck, soldier, you going to need it.....


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